Author Photo © Alan Trotter 2020; Header Illustration © ‘Tala in the Woods’ Zuzanna Zwiecien 2019

Katalina Watt is a writer and publisher based in Edinburgh. She studied English Literature at the University of Glasgow, completed an MSc in Publishing at Edinburgh Napier, and works at Canongate Books. Her fiction received First Prize for Glasgow University’s Creative Writing Society Short Story Competition 2014, and has been featured in literary anthology Narissa, for which she is creator and editor, and online for Glasgow Women’s Library and Bitter Melon’s Stay Home Diary. Her work has been published in Ceremony (2019, Tapsalteerie), Haunted Voices: An Anthology of Gothic Storytelling from Scotland (2019, Haunt Publishing), and Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology (2020, Nyx Publishing). She has forthcoming pieces in Femme Fatale (2020, Malefaction Magazine) and Extra Teeth: Issue Two (2020, Extra Teeth Magazine).

She is a champion of representative voices and stories, with a background in digital publishing, copywriting, and bookselling. She currently works as Audio and Online Assistant at Canongate Books. She is an experienced spoken word performer and event/panel chair and she has been on judging panels for several book awards, including for the Red Cedar Award, Saltire Society Literary Awards, and the Scottish Teenage Book Prize for Scottish Book Trust. 

She is the co-creator/co-host/producer of More Than a Pair, a podcast on narrative in video games. She was the producer for Golden Hare Book‘s podcast Bibliophile. She has also hosted a book review podcast for The Ampersand Project (formerly Fearless Femme/Fearlessly).


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