June 2023: Weighted Blanket

June 2023: Weighted Blanket

Hello pals,

This missive is going to brief because frankly, I'm Not Doing so Well. This newsletter will have some chat about mental health, so please take care of yourself.

I had a wonderful time at Cymera and chairing Juno Dawson, but something finally gave way. Burn-out and anxiety have dogged my heels often and I realised I've been taking from the proverbial well faster than I can refill it.

I've put down some of my commitments for now and have the professional and personal support I need – I'm on strict orders to Rest! I'm enjoying a softness I seldom allow myself to feel, indulging in joyful things that are purely fun and for me. I'm seeing friends, reading, and enjoying the sunshine. I'm still working on quieting the inner critic and gently writing when I'm inspired and motivated to.

Short and bittersweet.

Til July, stay soft, light, and, slow (and I'll try to do the same),
Kat x

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